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Are You Moldy?

The True Story of a Very Moldy Person

For almost 10 years, I suffered from numerous and various health problems, and was diagnosed and misdiagnosed with many different health conditions. It was only when I became seriously ill that I realized it was something in my environment making me sick. This illness is rapidly approaching epidemic proportions, mainly because most people are unaware of the dangers of being exposed to indoor toxigenic molds. Even most medical professionals are unaware of the damage mycotoxins, the biotoxins created by toxigenic molds, affect the human body. Since April, 2006, I have been undergoing medical treatment for mycotoxicosis, (toxic mold poisoning) aspergillosis, and opportunistic mycoses; illnesses caused only by exposure to toxigenic molds/mycotoxins.


Read how being exposed to mold has affected not only my health, but every aspect of my life. Learn some medical facts from reading two interviews with mold experts. Find out about a new, safe, and effective remediation process that actually consumes mold, ridding the environment of toxic molds and bacteria!


Are YOU moldy?


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