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Death certificate lists this boy’s death due to “toxins in air freshener”…


The problem with chemical air fresheners is that they are chemically-based, and most chemicals have safety issues; some minor and some very hazardous.  Most consumers are unaware of this, and with a constant flood of audio and visual advertising depicting “clean homes” as those with chemical air fresheners, use of these products is increasing every day.  One commercial shows a baby sleeping in the same room as one of these air fresheners.  When I checked the MSDS on this particular item, it was listed as “lung irritant” and “may cause chronic lung conditions with continual use”.  I don’t think you’d put one of these in your child’s room if you had read this warning!  Many of the new “fresh-smelling” laundry aids also contain these same types of chemicals, which are hazardous to your health, especially with long-term use.  Try to use organic or low-chemical cleaning products. 

If your bedding or clothing smells, wash them!  If you want to get rid of “cooking odors”, open your windows and let fresh air in!  Unless you live in a highly polluted area or your neighbors are addicted to spraying pesticides/fertilizers on their lawns continually, outside air is usually less contaminated than inside air.  Even during the winter, you can open your windows for just a few mintues a day to freshen and clean your inside air naturally, using God’s air freshener! 

Young Living Essential Oils clean and freshen air naturally by using plant-based essential oils.  These essential oils are processed in a way that maintains the plants’ natural health benefits.  Diffusing these oils in your home releases negative ions, making your home healthier.  Thieves Oil, a combination of plant oils, has been proven to be effective against mold and bacteria growth. 

Where to buy Thieves Oil
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