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The physician’s and/or medical centers  below have been listed because I personally know people who have gone to these places for treatment that has been successful.  By “successful”, I mean that they have been helped, not necessarily cured.   If you are a mold victim, and your doctor has helped you, I would appreciate his/her contact info so I can add him/her to this list. You can email the information to 


Testing/Laboratory Facilities

Bio Sign Labs  

Real Time Laboratories

Fungal Research Group, Eckardt Johanning, MD

Neuro-Test, Inc., Dr. Kaye Kilburn   Pasadena, CA  656-798-4299


Compounding Pharmacy for Fungal Illnes/MCS Meds

Woodland Hills Pharmacy; Fungal Disease meds

Woodland Hills Pharmacy; effective nasal sprays


Mold Physicians and Clinics (by state)

Dr. Michael Gray, Benson, AZ 85602-6401   520-586-9111

Dr. Janette Hope, Santa Barbara, CA  805-698-7483

Gordon Medical Associates  Santa Rosa, CA  707.575.5180

Florida Detox Center, Naples, FL     888-775-2770

 Dr. Donald Dennis, ENT    Atlanta, GA  404-355-1312

Health and Longevity Center,  Duluth, GA  770-232-7883

Dr. Robert J. LaCava,  St. Charles, IL 847-695-6262 (mold & lyme)

Dr. Alan R. Vinitsky, Gaithersburg, MD   301-840-0022

Dr. Grace Ziem, Maryland  301-241-4346

Dr. Michael R. Harbut,  Royal Oak, MI  48067  248-547-9100

Dr. Adrienne Sprouse,  New York, NY   212-725-5744

Center for Wellness, Charlotte, NC  704-847-2022

Portland, Oregon Environmental Clinic  503-261-0966

Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine, North Charleston, SC  843-572-1600

Dr. William Rea  Dallas, TX    214-368-4132 

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Houston, TX   713-581-8108 (mold & lyme)

Johnson Medical Associates, Richardson, TX    972-479-0400 or 800- 807-7555

Dr. Tim Jackson, DPT, regarding MTHFR


Ozone Therapy for Mold, Lyme, and Infectious Diseases

Ozone is negatively charged, and pathogens and toxins are positively charged, so ozone is chemically attracted to removing things that shouldn’t be in your body. It is used as a first-line treatment for almost any medical condition in non-FDA brainwashed countries, and has its own branch of medicine called oxidative medicine.  (For information regarding ozone therapy for effective and non-toxic cancer treatment, click on the “Cancer Info” page of this website.)   For a list of doctors who use ozone treatment by state, you can go to this link:


Ozone university information

Physician Contacts

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