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Most of you know cancer happens when cells reproduce abnormally.  Ongoing research has been  conducted for  years to find out what causes cancers to develop, how to avoid getting cancer, and how to treat it. 

The compiled research indicates that cancer can be caused by a number of things including poor diet, lack of exercise, immune system dysfunction, certain types of viruses and bacteria, pesticides, chemicals, environment, and toxins.

Some mycotoxins are very carcinogenic, especially aflatoxins.  Mycotoxins usually affect the immune system and cause abnormal cell regeneration.  Sometimes the carcinogenic effects occur years after the exposure to mycotoxins. 

One of the videos linked on this site, the one with Dr. Simoncini, shows the undeniable link between cancer and fungus and an alternative treatment for cancer.  This treatment is very effective, without causing harm to the rest of the body.  If you have cancer, it can be tested to see if it is “fungal-related cancer”.  Studies are on-going regarding anti-fungal therapy, immune system thereapy, and detox/diet therapy.  There are many alternative cancer treatments available that are less damaging to the body than chemotherapy, which has been dubbed “The Successful Failure”.  You see, while the chemo does kill the cancer, it also kills normal cells and causes immune system depression.  Many of the drugs used in chemotherapy are highly toxic and some even CAUSE cancer. Sometimes cancer patients succumb to the toxicity of the drug that is supposed to cure their cancer or suffer long-term side effects from the drug that cured their cancer.   Do extensive research into the drugs and other therapies you choose.

Ozone for Cancer Treatment

Ozone is negatively charged, and pathogens and toxins are positively charged, so ozone is chemically attracted to removing things that shouldn’t be in your body. It is used as a first-line treatment for almost any condition in non-FDA brainwashed countries, and has its own branch of medicine even, oxidative medicine. Ozone feeds on cancer like fire feeds on gas. First Nobel prize ever was given to Dr. Otto Warburg in 1931 for discovering the cause of cancer is hypoxia, oxygen depletion. MDs learn to this day in medical school of “the Warburg effect,” where a cell will ferment and become cancerous given a certain deficiency of oxygen, and conversely will become non-cancerous if sufficient oxygen is restored to that cell. Ozone is o2 + o1, so it not only kills the cancer, it corrects the underlying cause of cancer, something the toxic chemo- and radiotherapy drugs don’t even come close to doing. Also they destroy the immune system, which you need more than ever with cancer, whereas ozone stimulates it to optmial functionality.  For a list of doctors who use ozone treatment by state, you can go to this link. 

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