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Do you know that almost 90% of your health has to do with your diet?  Do you know that less than 3% of medical schools in the US teach medical students about the importance of a healthy DIET?  Yet, it is the key factor to good health. 

If you eat a whole-food diet; veggies, fruits, lean meat, dairy, you probably think you are eating healthy.  But if you are not eating organic foods, you are not getting the nutrition your body needs; you are getting chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, and sometimes hormones (female and growth hormones) and antibiotics (dairy, beef, chicken, pork).  Some ingredients that are in our food are not allowed to be added to our pet’s food!  Studies have been conducted on the nutrition content of organic vs. non-organic produce and there is virtually no comparison in nutritional value.  The organic variety has nutrients, minerals, vitamins, etc.  that are minimal or non-existent in GMO and  non-organic varieties.  Our bodies need nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in order to live healthy.  The supplement industry is booming, because people are buying pills to “supplement” what is missing in their food and in their bodies- adequate nutrition.

Processed foods also may contain additives and chemicals that actually make you want to EAT more,  and crave the very foods you should not be eating.  These are added to purposely cause an “addiction” to certain types of foods so you will consume more of a product.  Food producers/marketers don’t care if you are fat and/or unhealthy, they only want to sell their products.  They may sell their processed items with “healthy names” to give the consumer a false impression that their product is healthy.  They will claim it’s “healthy” because it is low in fat or sugar or carbs–but IS IT GOOD FOR YOUR BODY?   Is it giving your body the nutrition it needs? Read the ingredient label.  If you can’t pronounce it, or don’t know what the ingredients are, don’t eat it!  GMO, or genetically modified foods are actually genetically changed.  The composition for corn, for instance, would be different than the organic “real” corn composition.  So  GMO “corn” is not really corn…it might be corn/pesticides,  etc….  High fructose corn syrup, another popular additive to many processed foods, has been under scrutiny for some time.  If you consume items with HFCS, I would highly recommending reading the entire article on the link below.  If I need to sweeten something, I use grade B maple syrup (less processed and contains minerals), raw organic unprocessed honey, or organic raw coconut crystals; they are low glycemic and contain necessary amino acids and minerals.

Honey bee pollen is highly nutritious.  If you have never taken it before, begin slowly and gradually work up to one teaspoon 2 times a day.


More and more people are finding out about the advantages of eating a “raw food” diet.  Raw food is “live” food.  It has not been highly processed or cooked and heat processed, so the nutrient value is very high.  Check out these raw food products:

High-fructose corn syrup and weight gain

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Click below for more info on organic/gmo foods:

Is Organic Important?

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