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About Supplements

While many physicians who specialize in fungal disease implement the use of prescription medicines in treatment, (see info below) particularly oral and IV anti-fungals, immune system medications, and cholestyramine,  there are also  helpful “natural” supplements.  I have found that what helps one person does not necessarily help another.  We are all individuals, therefore, our bodies will respond in individual ways.  Always check with your doctor before taking or adding supplements to your medical treatment plan. 

One thing mold victims have in common is the fact that we will try just about anything that might help our condition or alleviate symptoms.  I believe I have spent literally thousands of dollars trying numerous and various supplements, many of which have not helped me at all.  Now don’t get me wrong; if there is a natural, plant-based supplement that works or helps, I would much rather use that instead of taking a chemically-made pharm drug.  But sometimes supplements can be over-used or can lead to unsafe interactions and toxicity problems.  Research everything you take.  Processing, or how the supplement is made, is  important as well as additives and interactions to medicines and other natural supplements you may be taking. 

Unless you are following your doctor’s advice, prescription medication should not be taken with supplements.  If you take prescriptions, make sure to check with your doctor and pharmacist to inquire about possible interactions with supplements you are taking.  Listed below are supplements that have been shown to be somewhat effective for myself or others I know with this illness.

Natural/Supplement Anti-Fungals

Lauricidin (monolaurin), Licorice root, GSE (grapefruit seed extract),  pau d’Arco, neem, SOD, olive leaf, garlic, coconut oil, dandelion root, goldenseal, oil of oregano, caprylic acid, red thyme oil, biotin, oregon grape, caprylic acid,  cloves, lemongrass, undecylenic acid, d-limone, Kolorex intestinal care, Phellostatin, Syntol AMD,   carrots/carrot juice,  raw honey, concentrated sprouted organic wheat grass, prebiotcs, probiotics, and many more! As a general rule, natural anti-fungals are taken one type at a time, for a period of 7-10 days each.  An antimycotoxin formula combining N-acetyl cysteine, l-taurine, or organic sulfur, detoxifies mycotoxins and binds to them to escort them out of the body as well as expunging acids from the body.  You may combine these or take only one, but together they work more effectively.  If you’re going to take only one, the N-acetyl cysteine is the most effective alone.   


While some supplements like GSE are very safe and can be taken every day for extended periods of time, others like licorice root, pau d’Arco, and collodial silver* (*not recommended because of possible dangerous toxicities) can be toxic if taken for too long or in large doses.  Always do your own research  on supplements/herbs, and check with your doctor to see if a supplement is ok for you to use.  Check interactions of drugs and supplements on link below.

Binders and Detoxers

Food-grade diatomaceous earth, bentonite clay, and psyllium husk are all “binders” that bind toxins in the intestinal tract to help with removal from the body.  Broken cell-wall chlorella (in large doses only and more effective if taken with krill oil), CELLFOOD, L-cysteine, MSM, wheatgrass, food-grade hydrogen peroxide,  chlor-oxygen, zeolite, Cholestepure, lemon juice, hyssop tea, activated charcoal, and cayenne pepper are detoxers.  An apple a day…, well, your grandma was right!  Apples are great detoxers.  Check out the “Apple Detox” below. DMSO applied topically can help detox and bind toxins also. Since DMSO is a carrier, make sure nothing is on your skin/hands when you apply it.   YES Readisorb  liposomal glutatione is very helpful.  Glutatione levels in mold victims are low; glutathione is the body’s natural detoxer.  Glutathione is also available in IV, injection, and nebulizing treatments for the lungs/sinuses/brain, and can be very effective. (check here for more info) Miracle Mineral Solution, or MMS can also be an effective detoxing formula.   There are safety issues with the use as a detoxing formula, so check out how to safely use it.   I use MMS to purify my well water before I drink it.   Neprinol AFD  is a systemic enzyme formula that purifies the blood. These enzymes use a lock and key mechanism to emulsify and release dead, dying and toxic materials from the body.  Neprinol provides superior fibrin-active enzymes in a combination designed to address fibrin buildup and much more.  Excess fibrin (which is often associated with mold victims-the body makes fibrin to “cushion” the abraisive effects of mycotoxins)  leads to inflammation and pain.  This formula is potent and may cause some detox issues for about 10 days to two weeks.  Detoxing too quickly with any product can make you feel sicker, so go slow with detoxing and do it a little at a time.  Some mold victims may be unable to tolerate digestive enzyme formulas due to fungal/yeast additives or processing.   Prebiotics and probiotics are essential to good gut health.  Compare prebiotics and probiotics/ 


Immune System

Colostrum, vitamin C, tonalin CLA (also benefits muscles) , organic flaxseed, high-quality fish oil or krill oil, vitamin D3 liquid taken with calcium, MSM, glutathione, melatonin and 5 HTP (at night), good high-quality prebiotics or probiotics.

Brain Function

5HTP, alpha lipoic acid, taurine, L-carnitine, melatonin (at night), high quality krill oil or high-quality fish oil.  Low-dose naltrexone can be effective for those suffering demyelination/MS symptoms High-quality liquid vitamins (organic, if possible) and trace minerals are recommended.  I use Sole’ daily, which is made with Himalayan Sea salts and contains necessary minerals.   Honey bee pollen and raw organic unprocessed honey can be very beneficial for nutrients/vitamins.   Raw, unprocessed honey is anti-mycotoxic and can help to alkaline the body.

Prescription Therapy

As with any prescription medication, there can be risks and side effects associated.  Check out side effects and risks and know what they are before taking a drug.  Many times these therapies are very helpful and effective but some also have severe health risks associated with use, and you need to be aware of what these risks are!  Some health professionals use the following statin and diabetes drugs for treatment in fungal illness.  Make sure you are aware of any dangers associated with medications before beginning therapy.  Many times there are less toxic and just as effective natural therapies.  (Some mold docs suggest, instead of the use of CSM which has many associated side effects, using high-dose organic broken cell-wall chlorella combined with high quality krill oil, which works in much the same way or Cholestepure, a more natural therapy) In cases of newly released prescription drugs, know that the third and final clinical trial involves dispensing the drug to the general population.  In other words, if a drug is new there may be many unknown side effects that will come to light only when the general population begins using it.  This third “clinical trial”, in which the general population is unknowingly taking part in, normally lasts for 7 years.  So if a drug has not been out for 7 years, many side effects can be unknown.

Check out prescription drugs below:

Essential Oils for Wellness

The following essential oils are helpful as antifungal agents/purifiers:  Myrrh, hyssop, (I drink hyssop tea also) geranium, orange, lemon, grapefruit, clove, peppermint, lemongrass, thyme, and lavender.  Oils can be applied to the bottoms of the feet and palms of hands for optimal absorbtion into the body.  They can be diffused, and some can be taken internally (food-grade only; 1 drop diluted in water)  An effective adrenal system drink is 1 gallon of distilled water, 6 drops cypress oil, 4 drops orange oil, 4 drops grapefruit oil.  Shake well and drink 1/2 gallon every day.  Make sure the oils are food-grade.  Young Living Thieves Oil  and other YL oils are food grade and safe for consumption when used according to directions.

GSE Sinus Rinse

One gallon distilled water, 1 teaspoon non-aluminum baking soda, 3 tablespoons sea salt, and 10-30 drops liquid grapefruit seed extract.  Shake well before using.  If you have fungal colonization in the sinus area, you will feel worse before you feel better because fungus is dying off and coming out.  When I first began this therapy, I had what seemed like the worst sinus infection ever for about two-three weeks.  It was simply the fungus dying off and coming out of sinus cavitites.  When infection is indicated, use of 3-4 times a day is recommended.  As a preventative, once a day is recommended.  Regular use of this rinse can help to prevent fungal, bacterial, and viral infections.  I also use this rinse as a gargle for sore throat and mouth rinse, and as a douche for yeast infections.  I recommend beginning with 10 drops per gallon of water and working up gradually to the recommended 30 drops per gallon of water. 

Sinus rinse applicators

Do You Detox?

Whenever you do a detox diet, it’s important to eat light a few days BEFORE detoxing, and when you’re done with the detox, reintroduce healthy food choices slowly and a little at a time to avoid stomach upset and intestinal distress.


Apple Detox:

  • For 7 days before starting a detox, eat light and eat mostly organic fresh fruits and veggies.

  • For two days, eat/drink the following:

  • Pure water, unfiltered apple juice, any kind of organic apples and home-processed apple sauce.  This is all you eat–apples.  If you cook or fry them, you can use cold-pressed organic virgin olive oil or coconut oil.  Drink plenty of water each day; 64 ozs. each day is recommended. 

  • On the morning of the third day, as soon as you get up, drink 1/2 cup of cold pressed organic olive oil.  Wash it down with apple juice.  Drink a small amount of water or juce into which a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar has been added.  Continue to eat the rest of the day as you did in days 1 and 2.  This is a fairly easy and inexpensive detox you can do anytime. 


Easy Detox Tea:

  • 2 cups water and the following dried spices:

  • 1 teaspoon organic ginger, 1 teaspoon organic tumeric, 1/2 teaspoon organic cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon organic cloves.  Boil all of the above for five minutes.  Add grade B maple syrup, raw honey, stevia, or raw coconut crystals for sweetener, if you like.  Drink!


Alkaline/Detox Drink:

  • 1 teaspoon non-aluminum baking soda, juice of one organic lemon, 1 teaspoon raw honey, 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper (optional). 

  • Mix with 8 ounces water in large glass. 

  • Let sit for about 10 minutes, and then drink. 

Lemon Liver Detox:

  • Blend whole lemon (skin, seeds, etc.) in blender with one cup of water.  Strain out pulp. 

  • Return liquid to blender and add 2 tablespoons of organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. 

  • Blend and drink!

Gallbladder Detox:

Gallbladder detox 

The following total body detox can be helpful, but I personally do not recommend it for an extended period of time, simply because I am not convinced of the validity of obtaining necessary nutrition in this way for an extended time.  Recommended time period is 3-40 days, with 10 being the average recommended time.

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