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The Environmental Solution is a company specializing in safe, non-chemical remediation that actually improves indoor air quality.

Because this is a MOLD site, we prefer to say “Go Natural”, instead of the more-popular “Go Green”…

When you are using chemicals of any kind; in your yard, home, personal products, and for mold remediation, it’s a good idea to check the product’s MSDS, or Material Safety Data Sheet, which lists any KNOWN safety hazards.  Then make the decision regarding what is safe for you and your family.  Never assume that because it’s “on the market” it’s safe!

The Environmental Solution,  uses a 100% safe and natural non-chemical microbial formula that actually improves the air quality while ridding the area of mold and bacteria.  Make sure to check them out-the MSDS for their product is on their website.

Here’s some information taken from MSDS of various chemical remediation products:


Product one contains: Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammoninum chloride, tetrasodium ethylenediamine tetraacetate, octyl decyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, ethanol, didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, dioctyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, sodium metasilicate.  HAZARDS: Can cause irreversible eye damage; fatal if ingested, harmful or fatal if absorbed through skin.  Hazardous products released from decomposition:  hydrogen chloride, carbon oxides, nitrous oxides.

Product two contains: Benzyl chloride, ethanol, quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl-C-12-18-alkydimethyl, chlorides, ethhyphenyl.  HAZARDS: Causes irritation and/or corrosive burns on skin and eyes; may result in permanent injury to eyes; vapors can irritate throat and respiratory tract; high vapor concentrations may cause central nervous system effects, including DEATH.  Ingestion can cause anything from irritation to DEATH.  Listed in several states as hazardous substance-including known carcinogen lists.

Product three contains: Phenol, sodium phenate  HAZARDS: May cause skin irritation, eye irritant on contact; if ingested may cause nausea and vomiting.

Product four-bleach: sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide  HAZARDS: May cause severe irritation to eyes and skin.  Vapor may irritate.   Harmful if swallowed.  Medical conditions aggravated by use:  asthma, heart conditions, emphysema, bronchitis, obstructive lung disease.  NOTE:  Bleach, when combined with mycotoxins and VOC’s, which are commonly found in moldy indoor areas, can create neurotoxins which directly affect the brain and can cause brain injury, including brain tumors.  Bleach should NEVER be used to clean up mold!

Beware of “natural” and “green” cleaning products.  They may contain “natural” ingredients that can be harmful, like ETHANOL, a VOC derived from corn.

The over-use of chemical disinfectants destroys the natural bacteria balance–disinfectants also kill “good” bacteria that are essential to good health. 

I use original Miracle II soap and/or Young Living Thieves Cleaner.  Miracle II can also be used as a personal product.  I use it for shampoo and body wash.

For Miracle II soap contact Chrissy Mann at 321-926-6201 or 417-334-9998.

Young Living Thieves Oil blend has been university tested and found to be effective against mold and bacteria.  I use thieves oil on a regular basis to clean and purify the indoor air in my home.  I diffuse it every two weeks; not as a mold remediation process but rather as a mold growth deterrent.  For mold-contaminated areas, I recommend the microbial process used by The Environmental Solution for mold remediation, which CONSUMES mold spores, leaving no “dead” spores, which can be just as dangerous as “live” spores. 

Where to buy Thieves Cleaner

Non-Chemical Remediation

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