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Many times those who have been affected by mold, lyme, MCS, CFS, and other environmental and chronic-type illnesses have lost their jobs and/or ability to work, making necessary medical treatment even more difficult to obtain due to financial difficulty.  Please help those who have been affected by environmental illness by checking out their products and services.  If you have been affected by one of these illnesses and would like to be included, please email me with your info/link at Thank you!

Natural, non-chemical personal products for those who are chemically sensitive: 

Andrea Fabry  


The Piece of Mind radio show  goal is to empower listeners to become savvy healthcare consumers.

Brenda Harper


Chemical-free B & B in Door County, Wisconsin: (property for sale)

Sheri Gibbs


Young Living Essential Oil Distributor:  

Tina Dunham

Detox body wraps:

Tina Dunham


Hand-made jewelry: 

Tiffany Gonzalez


Hand-made purses and handbags

Ginger Louise


Vollara is positioned as a global leader in natural health and eco-friendly technologies.  

Elaine Kelly


Pet-sitting and grooming service; pet massage and physical therapy:  

Kacey Peacock

LifeVantage Protandim distributor: 

Kacey Peacock


Nutritional and Herbal Consultant

Amy Charnay


Dog Trainer’s Connection:  

Bonnie Brown


Outreach mold survivor site: 

Stephanie Weiss-Wood


Encouraging blog-spot for those with Environmental Illness: 

Joanna Harris

Services Offered

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